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The Hats protoDAO Lego Kit of Composable Tools

Here's how we're composing an all-star suite of tools together in Hats protoDAO

There are so many incredible composable tools for collectively managing an organization. We're living it in Hats protoDAO, composing DAOhaus, Safe, Sobol, Quests, Splits, Coordinape, DeForm, CharmVerse, Collab.Land, and Guild into an all-star suite of tools with Hats tying it all together.

Here’s how 👇

DAOhaus DAOs

Hats protoDAO governance runs through DAOHaus and Moloch v3 contracts.

Hats Contributors earn protoRep based on their contributions. Once they put on a Steward hat, their protoRep converts into protoVotes to govern the protoDAO commons.

Learn more about DAOhaus DAOs here:

Safe Multisigs

Hats protoDAO uses hat-gated Safe multisigs to collectively manage its resources.

Revocable signing authority is delegated to individuals & teams using Hats to ensure the multisigs are ultimately controlled by the protoDAO as a whole.

Fork the hat-gated multisig template here:

Sobol Hats Composer

Meanwhile, Sobol's Hats Composer app makes it easy for protoDAO members to connect their Hats Protocol hats, Safe multisigs, and DAOhaus DAOs together into a unified onchain governance system.

Use the Sobol Hats composer at

Hats protoDAO uses Quests and Splits as the primary tools for tracking contributions.

Contributors use Quests to log their contributions, which are then linked to the Hats Protocol Quest and other relevant Quests to create a network graph of contributions.

Create a Quest at


Within each Quest, contributors add a Splits address to split up the protoRep awarded to the contribution among themselves.

Splits + Quests creates a hyperstructure of contributions and reputation that will span the life of the project (and beyond).

Create a Split at

Coordinape Circles

Hats protoDAO uses hat-gated Coordinape circles to intersubjectively allocate protoRep based on a contribution's impact, using GIVE as a voting mechanism.

Each node in a Coordinape circle is a contribution identified by Splits address, plus a link to its Quest for details.

Form a Coordinape gift circle at


DeForm handles all the protoDAO's information-gathering needs.

By hat-gating our DeForms using its web3 capabilities, we ensure only the right hat-wearers (e.g., Hats Community Members) can access and submit the forms meant for them.

Join the Hats Community by completing the DeForm here:


CharmVerse is the go-to information repository and wiki for Hats protoDAO.

CharmVerse pages are hat-gated with nuanced read/write/admin permissions: Community Hat-wearers can read & comment, Contributors can add new pages, and only Stewards can delete pages.

Explore CharmVerse at


Hats protoDAO uses Collab.Land to hat-gate access into the protoDAO's Telegram channels.

The moment someone loses their hat, they're automatically kicked from the appropriate TG group by the Collab.Land bot.

Create a Collab.Land hat-gate at


When we need to share a private Google doc, sheet, or slides only with Community members, we hat-gate it with Guild.

Guild makes it easy to set read/comment/write permissions for our docs so only the right hat-wearers have the right permissions at any time.

Hat-gate Google documents and more with

Hats Protocol

Hats protoDAO uses Hats (of course!) to:

  • manage access to the tools above

  • automate onboarding, promotion & offboarding

  • give people an onchain embodiment of their roles

  • save our protoDAO coordinator tons of pain & time

Hats is what ties it all together.

Explore the Hats protoDAO Hats tree at

Hats Ties All Your Roles and Permissions Together

Hats is the connective tissue that ties all your other tools together, an organizational roles and permissions layer that composes with all your favorite tools and is fully controlled by the org itself, mitigating risk of internal or external capture.

See more about our commitment to composability and book a demo here.

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