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Introducing Hats: The Onchain Roles Protocol

Put on your party hats... Hats Protocol and the Hats App v2 are now live & ready to use! 🥳

Hats is the onchain roles protocol. Give revocable roles and authorities to your people and code, save time, and get things done.

What makes Hats the ultimate coordination tool? Ohhh baby, here we go...

Why Hats

Hats are roles, and roles are how people coordinate to get things done.

Why are so many DAOs, networks, and decentralized organizations so chaotic? There are no roles! No roles = no structure = no accountability. The tyranny of structurelessness wins again...

DAO ≠ Discord

But it doesn't have to be like that!

When roles are clear:

  • work is no longer chaotic

  • people know who to turn to for critical info

  • people are empowered to make decisions and take action

  • people can be held accountable!

Here’s the good news: Hats is easy to use and it composes with all the DAO tools you already know and love.

Hats composes with all the tools you already know and love

Hat-Powered Permissions

With Hats you can give contributors all kinds of different revocable (!) onchain & offchain permissions, including:

Controlling Resources

1. Safe multisig signing authority

Delegate & revoke multisig signing authority based on specific eligibility criteria (such as election winners, wallet holdings, allow-lists, staking requirements, and almost any other logic you can dream up).

Making Decisions

2. Snapshot proposal creation & voting

3. DELV council voting authority

4. Coordinape circle access

Ensure only the right people can vote and dynamically tie voting eligibility to other conditions.

Managing Permissions Across Communication Channels & Workspaces

5. Discord roles & channels via Collab.Land and Guild

6. Telegram groups via Collab.Land and Guild

7. Charmverse read/comment/write permissions

8. Wonderverse read/comment/write permissions

9. Google docs, sheets, and slides read/comment/write permissions via Guild

Give people all the right permissions without any manual onboarding or offboarding — just mint them a hat!

And So Much More

10. EOA wallet ownership (yes, hat-controlled wallets)

11. Many more web2 permissions via Lit Protocol

11-100. Literally anything that's token-gateable

Imagine... you can even hold a JokeRace election that automatically gives the winners special authorities like multisig signing, voting rights & more. Once the election term ends, or if the winners become losers, the hat & its associated authorities are *automatically* revoked.

How Hats Works

Role-based governance is the future, and Hats bundles all the things roles need: responsibility, authority, and accountability.

Hats are roles, bundling everything contributors need to get things done

How does Hats empower orgs to ensure the right ppl & addresses always have the right permissions?

4 steps. It's really quite simple.

Step 1. Create roles. 🧢 Name your hat, add a description and an image, and determine admin authority over this role.

Step 2. Connect power to roles. ️ Using composable primitives and easy-to-understand token IDs, connect a hat to onchain permissions and offchain authorities via token gates.

Step 3. Customize logic for how the role will be issued, revoked & deactivated. 🤝 Determine how the role will be distributed, revoked, and deactivated.

Step 4. Mint hat tokens to any Ethereum or L2 addresses: EOAs, Safes, DAOs & smart contracts. 🤠 Distribute hat tokens to Ethereum or L2 addresses — including EOAs, Safes, DAOs, and smart contracts — and make sure the right people and code have the right permissions at the right time.

Create your Hats tree in a few minutes

Structure Without Capture

Orgs can be decentralized AND have the structures and accountabilities they need to get things done. Hats enables orgs to create CAPTURE-RESISTANT structures to get shit done (safely).

This is why Hats composes with Tally Governor contracts, DAOhaus Moloch v3 and Aragon DAOs to enable decentralized organizations to delegate revocable roles to specific people & groups.

Hierarchy is no longer the enemy when the top of the hierarchy is the DAO itself.

Interested in trying Hats?

Hats is permissionless and open-source!

If you're inspired by Hats, please like & retweet this thread to help us get the word out. We love our hatvocates!

And give us a follow (X, Farcaster) to stay tuned for the launch of the Hats protoDAO in t-minus 1 month... 👀

Hold on to your hats, lots more to come!

Major hat tip to all those who have helped Hats get where it is today, including @AaronSoskin @antavedissian @BryanPetes @Bmulligan56 @BlockChainJames @Clinamenic @Converge4Impact @DAOhaus @Dan2Hunt @davehrlichman @Eric_rsno @Fifthworldzach @Gershido @hey_zayi @IDEOVC @JacobHomanics @Jafetsc @JamesTamplin @JonathanHillis @Lrettig @Meta_Cartel @More_reese @Mybellalogica @Niran @Notscottmoore @Opolis @Parkerjayp @ProseEleven @RaidGuild @Rathermercurial @Richiebonilla @Scotrepreneur_ @Seedclubvc @Sinahab @spengrah @TeamSobol @Topocount @tysullberg @Viiiiiiiiiiiid @Web3brett @WE3co @Willpapper @Zeitgeist_xyz @0xBillW @0xD2_eth @0x7u4n @0xJoshuaSL @0xNN2 @0xRetro @0xSkyMine and… you?? get involved here

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