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How to Create Your First Hats

Go from idea to deployed Hats tree in minutes

Heard about Hats but not sure how to get started?

Go from idea to deployed Hats in minutes.

Here's how:


Visit the Hats App at

Once you’re there:

  • Connect your wallet

  • Click "Create a new tree" (hats are organized in trees)

  • Add an image, name, and description for your new tree as seen in the image below

  • Click "Create"

Create a new Hats tree

You're now the proud wearer of your very own top hat! This top hat is the first hat you will create; you can think of it as the superadmin of the entire hats tree.

Your new top hat!

You can now build out the rest of your tree with Edit Mode...


Edit mode lets you create whatever role structure you can dream up. To use edit mode:

  • Select "Edit Tree"

  • Create new hats

  • Add images and details to those hats, as seen in the image below (don't forget to click "Save" after you’re done editing each hat)

Build our your tree with edit mode

Once you're done building out your tree, click "Deploy". Your hats tree is now onchain!

You can also export a .json of the tree changes or copy an executable hex code to execute the changes via a multisig or share your proposed changes with others.

Deploy your hats onchain


You can now connect your hats with authorities by plugging them into token-gates.

Hat (1155 token) + gate = token-gated authority.

Connect hats with powers

Hat-gateable powers include:

  1. Safe multisig signing authority

  2. Snapshot proposal creation & voting

  3. DELV council voting authority

  4. Coordinape circle access

  5. Discord roles & channels via Collab.Land and Guild

  6. Telegram groups via Collab.Land and Guild

  7. Charmverse read/comment/write permissions

  8. Wonderverse read/comment/write permissions

  9. Google docs, sheets, and slides read/comment/write permissions via Guild

  10. EOA wallet ownership (yes, hat-controlled wallets)

  11. Many more web2 permissions via Lit Protocol

  12. Literally anything that's token-gateable!

See the docs for a full list of hat-gateable authorities and setup guides.


Lastly, you can mint your hats to wearers!

Add addresses individually or via a CSV, and select "Mint Hats", as seen in the image below. Hats tokens can be held (or “worn”, as we say) by any address including an EOA, multisig, or contract.

Add wearers

That's it, you've now created your very first Hats tree and brought your roles onchain! 🥳

You can always continue to add to your tree or invite others to build out the tree with you, as wearers can create additional child hats to delegate responsibility further.


You can now add eligibility criteria (e.g., wallet holdings, staking, or election results) to dynamically determine which addresses are eligible to wear a hat & to revoke the hat if the wearer is no longer eligible.

Eligibility criteria you may use to determine which addresses are and are not eligible to wear a given hat include:

  • Assets such as tokens, badges, and/or POAPs held by a given wallet address

  • Staking requirements that specify an address must stake a minimum amount of a given token

  • Active subscription, verifying whether or not an address is paying an ongoing fee (e.g., using Unlock Protocol)

  • Election results specifying only the top N vote-getters of an election are eligible to wear a designated Hat

  • Delegated tokens or votes that reach and/or stay above a given threshold

  • Contributions and attestations such as those represented by Govrn contributions, Quests NFTs, or EAS attestations

  • Humanistic eligibility based on specified criteria (e.g., an arbitration council or stewardship council rules on Hat eligibility according to predetermined rules)

  • Any custom logic you can imagine that can be represented onchain

See the docs for a full list of eligibility criteria you can add to your hats.


Create your hats tree for free at

For guides on all the above and more see the docs at

And if you need help getting started, book a demo call here

Happy hatting! 🧢

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