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Hats Templates: Forkable Structures to Supercharge Your Org

Here are four Hats templates you can for for your organization today

Hats are roles. When roles are linked together they create structures that you can use to supercharge your organization.

This unlocks a whole new design space...

Forkable Hats Templates! 🧢

Here are 4 Hats templates you can fork today from groups like Cabin and ATX DAO:


Cabin uses a guild structure to organize contributors into one of five guilds. Each guild has a custodian hat worn by the guild leader(s) and an artisan hat worn by guild members, powering identity & reputation across the Cabin network.

With Hats, guild members are given the right authorities at the right time, including access to the guild’s communication channels, workspaces, and voting rights, drastically simplifying member onboarding and offboarding.

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Contribution Levels

Inspired by ATX DAO, the Contribution Levels template gives organizations the ability to enable contributors to permissionlessly level up and claim new authorities as they increase their engagement based on whatever custom criteria the organization sets.

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Workstream with DAO-controlled Multisig

Allocate resources to workstreams & enable them to govern themselves, while ensuring that the DAO retains ultimate authority over signing permissions in those Safe multisigs, for strong capture-resistance.

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Elected Roles

Delegate roles and authorities automatically based on election results, such as the winners of a JokeRace. Once the election term ends, or if the winners become losers, the hat & its authorities are automatically revoked.

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Fork a Hats Template!

Want to fork one of these Hats templates and try it yourself? Get in touch and we'll make it happen!

Forkable org structures!

Or, dream up your own structure in the Hats app. We can’t wait to see what new templates you create.

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